A fun place to meet and eat in Belmar

            A local way to enjoy the Jersey Shore!


Stepping through the door of Ragin' Cajun is like walking into the middle of somebody's living room. Unlike the awkwardness that would arise on such an occasion, Tracie Orsi Godier welcomes you with open arms.


The intimacy of the dining room and open kitchen lets you know the dishes are prepared especially for you.  A night at this tiny restaurant is like going to a dinner party at Tracie's house with fifty of her best friends.  Everyone is like part of the family.


Guilt-free Cajun-Creole Cuisine!




Welcome Home!

Everyone's perception of "traditional Cajun" is based on what they knew as a kid or how they've been introduced to something. When Ragin' Cajun opened in 1992, we didn't know what lard was so we just left it out resulting in a healthy way to eat great food. Only the freshest ingredients go into the pot.


Our knowledgeable staff will translate words like "jambalaya," "etouffee" and "gumbo" guiding you through the menu until you find the perfect dish. They'll even tell you their favorites! If you have any dietary restrictions, let us know! The kitchen will cook up something just for you!


 Most of the menu is gluten free to begin with and if all you want is veggies, we can certainly do that as well.